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Fruit Infusing Water Bottle – Drink Infuser Detox Juice Infusion Work Gym Office

Let’s be honest here for a second; plain water is boring and tastes nothing. We both know it’s the healthier option compared to everything on the vending machine, but there’s no way we aren’t getting something that’s tastier and sugary throughout the day. With our easy to use fruit infuser bottle, allow yourself to lay off the soda can and switch it for a natural, fruity flavoured water that’ll get you back into shape in no time!

START LIVING HEALTHY: Give yourself the healthiest possible alternative to soda, artificial juice and bottled flavoured water! Effectively increase your water intake and start mixing up your favourite fruits and veggies and encourage yourself to drink more water, wherever you are. Our fruit infuser water bottle does just that!

EASY TO USE: Just drop your fruit or vegetable of choice in the fruit holder, add water to your detox bottle, close the lid and shake away! Come up with your own refreshingly delicious combinations and infuse a unique, natural healthy flavouring to plain old water!

CARBONATED WATER SAFE: Our water infuser bottle is made from high-grade, BPA-free plastic that is extremely food safe. It is also carbonated water safe so you can be sure that it’ll safely seal in the flavour and carbonation, unlike other bottles that contaminate the taste!

CONVENIENT FINGER HOLE HOLDER: Commit to your healthy diet and be sure to bring our fruit fusion water bottle along on your morning jog, gym sessions, and hiking trips. Its lightweight construction and its handy finger hole holder allows you to effortlessly pick it out from your backpack’s side pockets for a quick drink!

DISHWASHER SAFE: Cleaning off your flavour infusing water bottle couldn’t be easier. Don’t bother with tedious hand washing and simply toss it in the dishwasher and you’re done!

Safe 700ml Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

We aren’t getting any younger, so it’s about time you start paying more attention to our health! Quench your thirst with a fresh and yummy fruit-infused water; give your body a break from sugary cola and artificial juice. Try out different mixes of citrus fruits, berries, veggies and infuse them into your daily water intake — you won’t even know you’re drinking something filled to the brim with vitamins and nutrients.

The best part about this fruit water bottle infuser is that you’ll be saving a lot more with your drinks in the long run! Be sure to put in fresh fruits in the removable fruit holder so you can get the full flavour. Reuse the fruits for a couple of refills for a truly cost-effective and super healthy alternative to sodas and juices!

Our work water bottle holds up to 700 ml of water so you won’t have to refill quite frequently. It’s also made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic that is 100% leak proof. This bottle is also safe for use with carbonated drinks and will retain its flavour and carbonation, unlike other plastic water bottles. Perfect as an office water bottle or even as a gym water bottle!

This fruit drink bottle sports a simple, yet elegant design that’ll surely have its place in anyone’s gym bag, office desk, or school backpack. Choose between blue, red, and black fruit infuser water bottle variants!

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700ml Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

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